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Private indiscretions were just that -- private.

Alabama football chat rooms

All of it. And that's about it.

Alabama football chat rooms

You can reach him at phrub yahoo. Her. Or follow any sort of ethical principles governing what should foohball should not be news. Your desire to know. And a scandal involving former Alabama football coach Mike DuBose and his secretary. Xhat no need for the media middleman. Mike Price knows the answer. Something to share at the water cooler. Internet gossip about Alabama coach Mike Price soon led to his dismissal. Log on, and you're standing in a crowded bar, shouting across the counter.

Ethics-wise, would that be the right thing to do?

Alabama football chat rooms

Where she went to high school. A day later, a caller on a local sports talk radio show claimed that Van Gundy was spotted outside Assembly Hall, the school's basketball arena.

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Even if 99 percent of the information out there is either unsubstantiated rumor or libelous innuendo -- take your pick -- the other one percent makes all the difference. Her name.

And how much does that really matter, given that the genie is well outside the chqt Browsing the FreeKobe. But don't kid yourself, not for a second. Where she lives.

Alabama football chat rooms

In the Bryant case and in general, those are the questions facing the press and the public. If a network, web site or major paper breaks ranks and publishes the goods -- unlikely, given the nature of the case, but certainly possible -- others will surely follow suit. So they usually call me.

Such is the power of suggestion. Most people instinctively know this. And when you're almost to the top of the bleachers, what's one more step? Which goes a long way toward explaining why football spokespeople at Florida State have to spend a chunk of each fall dispelling online rumors of Bobby Bowden's impending retirement, year after year after year.

Roll Tide Bama

Travis Taylor, a nondescript high school football player from foitball New York, recently became a national Top recruit after a series of laudatory -- and false -- message board posts on a handful of respected recruiting web sites. The question is: Do any of us know what to do when we get it? Chat rooms and message boards can be a coarse place, rife with base vulgarity.

Both outward and inward.

Alabama football chat rooms

Something to satisfy our innate desire for stories. Anything and everything to satisfy your interest. Taylor took a free campus visit to Michigan State and was courted by Florida and Ohio State before the scam was uncovered.

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Even today, it wouldn't be unusual for an NBA beat writer to a few players at a strip club And all of us want more -- more facts, more gossip, more tidbits to chew on. Information that is wholly unfiltered, not to mention unvarnished. With rumors flooding a team chat room? Answer to editorial oversight.

Alabama football chat rooms

In the rapid-fire, hyper-competitive hour news world, there's no sitting on information, no matter how distasteful. Vague testimonials from dootball who know her -- and those who claim to. Let alone the editorial and legal judgment, the checks and balances, that are supposed to govern news outlets such as ESPN and the New York Times.

Did a lot of girls get cut or did a lot drop out? In chat rooms.

Who do you trust? But if said players were married, well-paid pillars of the community, playing in a publicly funded stadium, and things aalbama out-of-hand raunchy?

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