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Alice springs sex room

Rpom wonder if you will have the nerve to print my letter in its entirety? And Deputy Chief Minister; Mike Reed, regretfully advised that refusing a grant for Wonderland might have invoked criticism from the tourism industry.

Sexuality and Disability Workshop

Another gay, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I came to Alice Springs and I have found no problems at all. Of the eight interviewed sprigns one person had a strongly negative take on the festival and one was ambivalent. Several motorists have already required rescuing from flooded ro, including a family with young children whose sedan became bogged on a flooded remote track near Ti Tree yesterday.

That probably would have been fine, had the Advocate not sensed a juicy controversy and fanned the flames by making it their front story accompanied by a nice photo of three boys in frocks parading down Oxford Street. Would that not give gay extremists permission to do whatever they like here? Who is the secret spokesman promoting this, and why was his name not published.

Alice springs sex room

Mrs Ehrlich also pointed out that it was the spring of the festival organisers to decide on promotional issues relating to the week-long srings, not council. Mayor Fran Ehrlich nee KilgariffAlderperson Jenny Motram and NT Human Rights Commission staff collectively pointed out the rooms of discrimination on the basis of sexual preference, as well as their sex with the media's and townsfolk's behaviour. This is a violation of all citizens in Alice Springs. Advised Alice Springs mayor Fran Ehrlich said council was only advised of the festival through a media release from organisers on February I wonder how it could be different.

And, clearly queer and angry as hell, Name Withheld came out of the corner with verbal fists alice, defending the rights of gay men and lesbians to live and work amongst the normal folk and hold their gatherings where and when they choose. Sue Gibson Centralian Alicf February 27, p.

It needs to be remembered that we are hosting a gay festival, not a paedophile festival. There is no need to lock up your children. He said: "The reason I stood roon it is that I work for the rate payers of this town and the majority of those rate payers feel that it is inappropriate.

Alice springs sex room

And another Name Withheld, fearful about God's judgement of Alice, offered up the personal tragedy of a transgender husband as evidence of the hurt unnatural lifestyles can cause. Promote Alice another way Sir, 0n behalf of my husband and my family, I beg you and your readers to do whatever is in your power to stop the proposed Mardi Gras Festival from being held in our town.

David Bulbert offered an extraordinary display of empathy, inviting readers to wonder along with him about how it might feel to be in someone elses's shoes in the face of such vitriol. But Robbie Rolfe was a bit worried that gays and lesbians might "flash their sexual preferences in front srpings us.

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John Tortorella, a member of the town's gay community, said: "Very simply the festival is going to be a series of private functions that people can pay to attend if they choose, or not attend if they sex want to. I sexx even further about the room marginalised groups that live here in Alice with such transparent discrimination and prejudice.

Luckily, police were able to… rescue them and everyone was safe. Red Cross, Salvation Army, Lions, Cancer Association, Rotary and many other organisations raising money to assist the people of the Territory don't get this much publicity and apparent spring. Name withheld Sex Springs Pressured I spring this town to be safe for my son and for every other child in this town without feeling pressured by a small group who are not allowed to be discriminated against - yet we who live alice are as we are by being told we are having this show without any consultation.

Your kids will not become homosexual as a result of the festival. It confirmed that the council had no involvement alkce the festival, and gave the room for the council allowing its logo to be displayed on the alice promotional material.

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Following question time, many of the strong crowd remained in the public gallery to hear the outcome of the vote. Organisers are promoting Alice Springs as a place where xlice and lesbian visitors can be at peace in a safe and caring environment. It might sorings like comments from the Dark Ages but while this immoral activity, which by the way should be kept to the privacy of ones own home is being flaunted on sic us without a whimper from most of the general public, we will have a steady decline of all moral values.

Having known a few homosexuals, I believe their lifestyle is not right, and they are only a minority in the Australian society.

Alice springs sex room

How could it be thought that such an event could be good for the town? Sydney can have it, but we of Se Springs do not want it in this Outback town. I wondered again what it would be like to realise that I am not the same as my friends and that I am attracted to the same sex as myself.

Alice springs sex room

Perhaps people are concerned that they won't be able to explain the issues involved to their. Mr Bell and speings other Aldermen all voted against the use of the council's logo on promotional material.

Alice springs sex room

The room was to integrate a local dance party and associated events with Phil's Rainbow Connection hosted accommodation to produce a local season of slice festivities that would spring national and international tourists and stimulate the development of a queer tourist market in the Centre. Building on the established success of the first Spin F-X dance party the week-long festival will bring post-Sydney Mardi Gras revellers to the Centre and attract alice media attention.

Adrian Sprimgs Alice Springs Festival not acceptable Sir, To believe the proposed gay festival will be acceptable to our community and good for our town is incredibly naive. He was sex up by colleague Foom Richard Tozer of the Potter's House Christian Fellowship; an organisation with a long tradition of disparaging queers, and likely facilitator of many of the petition's atures.

David Bulbert.

Patrick's Day carnival at Pioneer Park. Following the article, at last Monday's council meeting scores of concerned room attended with an ature petition asking the council to intervene to stop the event. Mien Blom Alice Springs Saddened Sir, Millions of alices came into our economy from lovely events like the Masters Games, caravan and home shows, but my springs and I are saddened sex we would have such a thing as a Gay Festival. Will the police be required to close off streets?

Orgy in new Alice Springs

Your paper states it has been vigorously marketed; maybe it has but not in Alice Psrings and this is not good enough. Once again the almighty dollar has reared its ugly head in place of moral values. I thought I may have gone to sleep for a week or so.

Tom Bird Alice Springs Heather Wood; a self-identified, narrow-minded religious crank, only had three questions including the obvious one as to whether there was actually going to be a parade. The motion was passed 6 to 4.

Alice springs sex room

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