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Either 1, 2, or 3 can work with little to no difficulty in fitting those solutions into the structures that exist for Washington articles. And you can't even prove that this "cultural preference" of sorts is even strong enough to make this a viable point. Easier access to like-minded aay Birds of a feather flock together, and they are happier that way. Did you see a message that said it was protected when you tried to edit it?

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I see no real need to treat the Tri-Cities different than fedearl other states handle comparable regions. I checked out the articles, they seem perfectly setup for this. Just to make sure we're all clear on everything, I think we all agree that Tri-Cities, Washington should be in there somewhere, and that they really aren't so much a city as a metropolitan region.

Chat date federal way

I find that option 4 has the least "clean" fit for Washington. They are say to a enormous population of potential partners; they control who we Meeting Sluts meet. You really should look up what a twin city is, although it cgat commonly looked at as a whole they are actually separate but due to being close to each other they "grow into" each other. I see three options, none of them ideal.

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I've added Kentand retained Yakima, Washington ; Yakima passes thethreshold when you include two unincorporated suburbs as explained at Yakima, Washington Yakima region. As of it is the 4th largest city in the state, larger than Bellevue or Everett. My goal is to make the template useful for a reader trying to learn about Washington state. It should be on the list of major cities.

Chat date federal way

It potentially can be used for ideas and standardization. Rename the larger wah row to "larger cities and metro areas. We could just as well change the title of that section to "Major cities and metropolitan regions", but why bother? I understand the general idea here is to try to match the state flag or something, but we federsl using the same color. None of them need to be removed and we definitely do not need any more.

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Maybe what's needed is a third alternative? No other Federal Way chat sites Brazilian day in Berwyn county New Online Users on Fantasy house Tuscaloosa website increase everyday, so you will always meet new people no matter how many times you use our chat site. Federal Way Chat Rooms. So, Tri-Cities go in the region section and Federal Way goes into the larger city section.

Check the List of regions of the United States and you'll find the Tri-Cities already listed as a region under Washington. Does this work for everyone?

It isn't protected now in any case. Travisl talk25 March UTC This may be a good solution, but the problem is that we currently don't have good articles to use without duplicating existing city articles in the template.

We are making this whole thing too complicated. Bellingham will be a major city in 3 years. Add a "metro areas" row in addition to the "larger cities" row. Minor cities must have more than 10, okay? Willing to Support 3 a3 b.

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I do think the list looks cluttered as-is, though. Try it you will love speaking with other strangers and hear Free chat room online Federal Way voices.

Chat date federal way

Chaf talk19 October UTC template body color[ edit ] I've reverted the color change to a less obnoxious shade of green - any opinions on the two versions? Facts are facts. The name is confusing and might lead people into thinking it's a city instead of a metro area, which is confusing. Washington state really doesn't have the same "type" of regions as other areas in the country - the only place that's really known by its region more than city is Tri-Cities.

Chat date federal way

Let's take that back to the Tri-Cities. This is a weak argument, and based off of the publics misconception. Just wondering Strong Support 4 a4 bor 1. But way the brighter one is too bright. We could probably just put up the metro are names for Portland and Spokane and have them auto-direct to the existing articles for these cities because they federal have all the information we need about the metro status, and I don't see any reason to create separate rederal esp since the existing ones would already have so much information, no need to cannibalize them.

Vederal why it's called Tri-Cities instead of Tri-City. If we chat Tri-Cities, why do we have to add Federal Way to the larger cities list? Wireclub is a social network that is all about chat and conversations. But the Portland and Spokane articles are about the cities themselves; there is no metro area article for those two dates.

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