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You should probably interview someone before hiring them.

All information will not be used or any other purpose but for application and assessment. The employee will be notified.

Chat moderator job

Please only mark workers as hired if they have agreed to work for you. Are you sure you want to mark this employee as hired?

Pre-hire Applicants who have completed all requirements shall undergo pre-hire training and must various agreements that jkb confidentiality and professionalism. This information will not be given, sold nor provided to third parties for what ever purpose.

Chat moderator job

Agents would be working from home. Upgrade to start interviewing and hiring. Terms and Conditions Privacy All information you provide shall be held in modfrator confidentiality.

We make no assurances that all processed applicants will be hired. Storing of information The information provided by applicants shall be kept on-file for reference purposes. Application Submitting your information does NOT guarantee that you will be hired.

Payment is made at the end of each month, either by Paypal or by international bank transfer.

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