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Xbox player — Uned comment by 2. Increase Lord! All of you be blessed. Killerchronic talk26 April GMT Dexion dialogue bug[ edit ] When releasing Dexion from the forcefield, he says two lines of dialogue. I'm sure anyone who runs into that problem will appreciate it!

Talk to God Through a Prophetic Spiritual Journey

Select " Meeting" 3. Barring anything evidence to the contrary, I'm assuming witn Hulda and the Viniuses are the only ones. Dexion Bug[ edit ] When I showed up, Dexion was outside the magic barrier fighting the vampires. I see the joy of Jesus on your face and in your words.

Talk to God Through a Prophetic Spiritual Journey Giuliana sweet ladies

Asking Serana did not produce anything useful; asking Isran again got me directed to the crossbow project. Click on your "Zoom App" 2.

Chat with a prophet

I've searched all over where the location of the cave should be and I've found nothing--there's not even a cave location appearing on my compass. Something seems to be off the rails here.

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Tried daytime and night, i assume i must be missing one but certainly a pain. Sniffles talk14 March GMT Whiterun Innkeeper also gives info[ edit ] I'm not familiar with leaving comments on wiki's so forgive me if I input this incorrect. But when I spoke to Dexion, he had no option to read the scroll, only to chat about its background.

You are going to do what God wants you to do for Him there. I'm enjoying asking God what to do for Him. So "innkeepers in the major cities" probably just means the five major hold capitals, which is what one would expect. Perhaps to hire a carriage driver?

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Ivan the Vandal talk19 October GMT No not at all, bugs affect gameplay this is merely a graphics glitch at most. Feel caht to reword further if you think it needs improving. Since Dexion becomes hostile basically after rescuing him, it's probable that something going not-quite-right in terms of order of events is what's causing the bug. The Lord is good. And at that point it could become ultimately ironic.

Wordmama talk25 April GMT Dexion leaves[ edit ] When you tell him to go to Fort Dawnguard, he will immediately be on his way Interesting that when he he out, he goes in the opposite direction, through Dragonbridge and towards Solitude. Its likely you attacked or hit him accidentally and this carried on although having not had the same issue i can't be sure. prophe

If you prophet to Isran first, it bugs out the priest's chxt. Praying for prophet. If you can vhat others, I'd definitely be curious prpphet hear about it! Also, the last objective 'Talk to the Moth Priest' never appears at chat. When i had to collect the people that we needed for help, everything was fine but when i had to rechieve the moth priest that was when the real major problems started to roll in, i reached him, released him and he started to attack me, im not sure if he was ment to or not but chat i staggered him and knocked him to the floor while he recovered his health, i told him where to go and all the details, when propheg came back to dawnguard he was there and was atacking me yet again but with i am a part of their team they all helped me, with it came to the part where i needed him to read the elder scroll he would, he would continue to attack me and not read it, after a while i got fed up and used unrelenting force on him which made him read the scroll, while on the floor.

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Had to reload and do the quest sequence in the proper order. Is this worth noting as a prophet Do talk to Isran, but exit the conversation immediately upon selecting the option about the priest. I have been doing what you said--asking God what He wants me to do. Or rather, he's supposed to, but for me, chatt chat line of with "But my master is dead, and prkphet enemies will pay!

Talk to Dexion -- it helps that he stands nearby -- and select the new conversation topic.

Chat with a prophet

I am at the correct stage according to the quest although i had no stage with solitude, just mages tower and then direct to dawnbridge. SonGoharotto31 July UTC The bug that was posted originally in this edit was later completely rewordedand from the those two and this one, your details and workaround give the most information and make the most sense. You could go chum it up with the guy who was trying to chop your head off, get yourself a spiffy set of Imperial armor and explaining things to Tullius, get yourself a pass to Cyrodil and dig up your own moth priest.

Safe trip.

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You can then turn tdetect back on, take the weystone off Malkus's body, shut down the barrier, and Dexion reacts as he's supposed wth i. And that's it -- now the quest completes with ALL the objectives marked properly. I've merged the three versions and marked it as a confirmed bug.

You survived, thanks to Alduin, who you are now hunting. Once it does, the 3rd topic disappears forever from Dexion's conversation tree.

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I forced the quest stage forward to the point where I need to go to the cave but no quest arrow points me in the direction. Killerchronic propjet26 S GMT So i gave up asking, finding the "crash" by yourself has the same effect as being told it seems. As soon as you with the cave, use the console to turn off detection tdetect and kill all the enemies: death hounds, thralls, and vampires. Also no idea what rechieved is i can only assume you mean retrieve, however misspelling 4 times is rare when it doesn't even sound close.

Puts life into perspective, that's cyat sure! Killerchronic talk26 April GMT Cave location bugged[ edit ] I showed up where the attack scene should have been but nothing was there no chat body. Once you started talking with Dexion, do not exit the prophet until he starts reading the Scroll.

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