Engagement of Ex-Servicemen against vacancies in Safety Categories


No.2019/Trans Cell/Civil/Contractual Staffing

New Delhi, dated: 29-04-2019 / 24-05-2019

The General Manager, All Indian Railways/PUs, NF(Con), CORE

Sub : Engagement of Ex-Servicemen against vacancies in Safety Categories of Bridge Organization, Track Machine Organization and other similar technical safety Categories on Contract Basis.

Ref : No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff, dated 20.11.2018.

1.0 . Regarding, engagement of Ex Servicemen against vacancies in Safety Categories for Bridge Organization, Track Machine Organization and “other similar technical safety Categories” on Contract Basis following policy has been approved by Board (ME, MS, FC and CRB).

2.0 Zonal Railways with the approval of General Manager in consultation with PFAs. PCPOs and concerned PHODs may permit hiring of services of Ex-Servicemen on Contractual basis against sanctioned vacancies in Pay Grade Level 1 to 7 in Track Machines, Bridge and other similar technical safety categories. The contractual hiring may be resorted to, for a limited period of time, till the vacancies are filled in through regular channel (RRBs, RRCs etc.), duly taking care of the safety and competencies required for a particular job. The responsibility of Safety and Security however shall remain with the competent Railway Servant and the recruited Ex-Servicemen shall work under the guidance and supervision of regular Railway Servants. The hiring of Ex-Servicemen may be done by either entering into suitable MOUs or other contractual arrangements as deemed fit with Defense Organizations engaged in resettlement of Ex-Servicemen.

3.0 The Contractual staffing is to be done against clear vacancies against direct recruitment quota. As soon as the vacancies are filled up by fresh recruitment or any other mode including compassionate ground appointments, the contractual engagement made through this channel should be reduced accordingly.

4.0 This scheme is launched on experimental basis and shall remain valid for 2 Years from the date of issue of this letter. Other conditions, as contained in letter under reference may be relied upon to the extent applicable in the instant case but the General Managers can modify these conditions keeping in view the local needs.

5.0 This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell, Railway Board.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt and ensure compliance.

(A. K. Chandra)
Executive Director, Transformation

Signed Copy

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