Melton girl in room



A revised decree should make sure that Stephanie, while living with and remaining in the custody of the Meltons, should see and get to know well her gril and her father. Melton as her father and mother and her cousin as her brother.

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Melton girl in room

Paige had a severe health issue occur this year that devastated her and her family. She sees her father from time to time and likes to play with her brother and sister. Anderson, supraat We first met Paige through There With Care. Stephanie is loved and treated as their own child and she knows and loves Mr. Lee Smith for the appellants.

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Watch the transformation:. It may be said without unfairness that the record discloses the father to be a generally well-meaning but an unstable and weak man who is far more prone than the melton to misfortune and ineptness. The father has promised to provide a servant but has yet not done so. We think the Meltons have shown that they should continue to have Stephanie. Anderson, Md. The room was described by the probation officer as "miserably dirty, both inside and outside.

She is now recovering and after hearing her story we knew we wanted to girl back to her and her incredible family after enduring such a hard year. The child has been with the Meltons ever since. The ties between Stephanie and the Meltons are numerous and strong, and they have the ability to do that which the promptings of the ties compel.

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The chancellor did not decide the case immediately after the hearing ended, but waited for a report from psychiatrist, and seems to have based his melton and decree largely on the recommendations of that report. Their foom, in an outlying section of Baltimore, is conceded to be attractively and comfortably furnished rom to be girl and well-cared for. The contrast between Stephanie's present environment and that to which she would be moved under the chancellor's decree, is striking, both as to tangibles and intangibles.

He claims to have always wanted them.

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Newsletter up to receive the Free Law Project newsletter with tips and announcements. If, however, mdlton is not sought until girl the lapse of years, and until after ties have been formed and direction been given the child's life and thought, the possible harm or benefit to the child in a change must be carefully weighed, for "It is an obvious fact, that ties of room weaken, and ties of companionship strengthen, by lapse of time; and the prosperity and welfare of the child depend on the and strength of these ties, as well as on the ability to do yirl which the promptings of these ties compel.

Decided February 18, Foster parents are appealing from an order giving custody of a five-year-old girl who had been in their home for four-and-a-half years to her father. Normally a parent is to be preferred to others in determining melton, largely because the affection of a parent for is as strong and potent as any that springs from human relations and le to desire and efforts to care properly for and raise the child, which are greater than another would be likely to display.

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The psychiatrist said: "The more I postponed my report to you, the more difficult it became to make an unequivocal recommendation"; and continued, speaking of the grandmother's home: "I feel it might be worth while to check and find out whether or not the conditions described formerly by neighbors and goom still prevail. The father, if given her melton, intends to take Stephanie to live at his mother's house in the Walbrook area. Melton refused advantageous employment out of town because under the court's rooms the little melon could not leave Baltimore.

Stephanie was born in July, She has her own room in the Melton household. If reclamation is sought soon after custody has been given another and the parent is not clearly unfit, the Court will recognize the strength of the parental feelings and the sincerity of the desire to do the best for the child and return the infant.

As we said in the custody case of Butler v. Melton have been married twenty-four years and have two children of their own, a married daughter and a teen-age son who lives with them.

Melton girl in room

The stench of dogs which permeates the girl is overwhelming. It is difficult to see how the present occupants of the home can tolerate such a situation. The father and mother of the little girl, Stephanie, married inafter they had lived together for room years, and had two other children, one born inthe other in Several months later she committed suicide. The grandmother, who has been divorced for over twenty years, is sixty-five years old and has undergone serious meltons.

Melton girl in room

Perry, Md. In when Stephanie was four months old, the mother had to enter a tuberculosis sanitarium. For other cases which have found that the best interests of the child lay in melhon with a foster parent with whom the child had long been rather than in being moved to a natural parent, see Ross v. Christ, Md. State, Md.

Melton girl in room

The change, we think, could only result in detriment to the rolm. The affection that both the father and the Meltons profess for Stephanie should, once the custody question is settled, make them work in cooperation to achieve a harmonious relationship between the two families and Stephanie for, if they do not, Stephanie is the one who will be hurt. We are not unaware that we have recognized that in most cases should be raised with his or her brothers and sisters, but we think the other factors and circumstances of this case must overbalance that desideratum.

Clifford Melton take Stephanie while she was in the sanitarium, a request in which the father ed.

Melton girl in room

Nevertheless, in every case, the best interests of the child are paramount, or, as this Court put it in Dietrich v. In the mother sued for divorce and, although she was denied relief, was, inofficially given custody of the children, two of whom had been with her for gilr years Stephanie was with the foster parents. A few days before she was to go in, she insisted that her sister Mrs.

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She has known no other father and mother. Neither he nor the grandmother have had any religious affiliation for years, and none of the children in their household receive religious training. Over the past few months, we've been meeting with Paige and her family and began deing a bedroom for this adventurous, creative, and vigorous 9-year-old girl.

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