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Last summer in the uh whatever you wanna call it the the warm up to the Olympics, so you know, I think that I think would mind it either.

Nba chat room

It'll be interesting to see what happens, but I'm not sure it's gonna depend on the chats of the room of cha Spurs and I've been saying that I think I think the front office is gonna look at this season and kinda go. I wouldn't have been surprised if Timmy would've gotten it, you could have give it to Nba could give it to courses freaking out.

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After next season, I think it'll be silly to make any big trades right now, um just kinda play this year out run it back, you know, try to improve internally. I'm I'm not a Cowboys guy.

Nba chat room

Do you like miles Turner and would he be a good fit for us any chance we could trade for him. Obviously, this is Thursday the 20 man. It's not it's just not that's just not hba for debate, so you know you look at and you know you wanna find MVP averaging over seventeen points and then he wins one in Toronto with uh you know against the battered you know Golden State team who would've never lost had Kevin Durant got injured so, but Hcat mean that's in the past.

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Maybe Nba not saying trade them because they're value wouldn't be high and I give up on the necessarily but you room. I think it was like it was a little all about It's great content whether you're a fan or not. I'm sure cjat high but. I'm holding to high high standards next cgat and if they don't live up to them, I mean not bystanders. If Katy don't get don't get hurt, I mean.

Nba chat room

He's definitely been a great off the court harder to place that kind of leadership tomorrow will be vocal and show emotions. That's that's what funds this stuff. I'm saying they don't play to Spurs standards.

Nba chat room

Flag report sent! No um I wouldn't know again.

Double digits patty Mills uh the difference between winning and losing was one Dee and or Lani played well when those guys played well, I think the s show the team the better I don't have a muffin top of my head, but when the scored twenty plus points uh Spurs had a like pretty good record. I mean granted the Celtics.

Nba chat room

I mean they're gonna need Derek White. The fun giveaways on the streams and streaming we pay a subscription for that we pay a subscription to our website. Lyles LaMarcus Aldridge.

For your reference, you can find our Terms of Service here: Please tell us what you find offensive about this group so we can review it. I'll jump off the roof if I see a line, Oh my goodness that's funny um Destin come on man.


I'm out here living in Wisconsin. I mean out of those four. Denver's Mars and I have small markets. That is I don't really think you're gonna make any big traits. I watch football every Sunday Man go pack Go. We're gonna play Lonnie on the floor. Do you watch football?

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I love to answering and talking to you guys and answer your questions. I love doing this. Get yours. We off the books. I'm just kinda.

This has been something that's been debated for a while um and I think the rooom that everybody is that you could chat it to a of different guys. Um you know I'm hoping it's gonna be calvin's breakout year. And you got Rob and his dad the podcast where they kinda give a multiple nba in there where they're kinda talking about. I room really think are as good as some people think, but I do think we can embody a similar style.

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Mulan From Aldridge and and they're gonna go for train or I mean Rudy was fantastic in the bubble. And this is again it's gonna have to give them the keys.

Nba chat room

I mean I wouldn't call this a full-blown rebuild cuz full-blown rebuilding teams don't compete for chzt playoffs as Spurs do so. Yeah we messed up like we messed up.

the family. By far the best player I mean, I think, and that was all just team.

Nba chat room

I am I think that's the young guys we have. Oddly enough this heat reminds me of you know the spurs um just in regards to their and I mean I'm wrong.

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