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This one is absolutely so cute and it's just a little bit oversize, not too oversize, but just a little bit oversize enough to wear. So absolutely love this one here for forty-four, Yes, 44 small medium and large love it okay So the moment we have all been waiting for if I could do a drum roll on anything right now, I totally would I don't know. Okay, I feel like this transition should be shown off of camera because it's such a good transition but anyways it literally feels so good boom.

Hey Lauren Welcome on.

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Posted by Emily Outback Feb xth night Do not ever done this, but there would be something there For only forty-nine Bucks y'all that is such a good deal and ready for the best part. Can literally rock this color but two, it's reversible. I hope you're ready for this one because this is amazing ready. Let's just celebrate the fact that my nail pearlanc is not chipped because I actually took it off.

Female seeking Male

So let's get started on our next girla item that we're talking about today. You could do like an all black look with some black skinnies um a black top or you could do some really cute jeans kinda like how I have on right now with a really cute um white tea or tank top underneath you could even go with A.

Pearland girls number for chat

Okay, so this one is so cute and again it feels like being wrapped in a blanket. It's the perfect like Thanksgiving outfit You can rock it with some jeans some leggings. Let them know that we have this here at our.

I'll tell Y'all because it's the softest jacket ever. So we're just. Are you excited? So you're ready to hear this.

Pearland girls number for chat

Are gonna put on this reversible coat and let me just tell y'all that when I put it on earlier, I did not wanna take it off for like the rest of gorls life. Um you can even fro this with a cute little tank top underneath if it's a little warm outside, but it's also kinda chilly. Y'all this sweater is so stinking cute and I absolutely love it, small, medium and large here as well for forty-four Bucks. It's so adorable I love the colors. I am so pumped to show you guys um some incredible new things but first off let's talk about our outfit of the day, Cathy's like running to grab the phone um.

Pearland girls number for chat

So these new kind that we got in are absolutely amazing and y'all. Absolutely love this top for the fall and y'all.

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Let me know if I'm pronouncing that right Hello friend welcome on comment a little waving hand or like your favorite emoji. I am living the best life literally I get to breathe a deep breath of relaxation as we go on into this wonderful weekend and I am super pumped Hey.

So let's just y'all this coat is so stinking cute I am. Absolutely love it and then also too if you wanted girla be like really cute and you're like feeling like a total boss Babe like a queen, you could roll this little sleeves up you could totally dress it up.

Pearland girls number for chat

I mean I feel like we're on a roll with this this one and if you don't know mine my favorite emoji is obviously the dancing emoji where she's like she's got like her dress and she's like flipping it anyways. Which I believe I talked about it before but Y'all boom here she is cinnamon spice and everything nice.

Pearland girls number for chat

So you get a two-in-one jacket Y'all two in one it Cannot get better than that because chah literally get two different looks and people are gonna be like. You're like you got some room in there and if you're like a medium or a large, you can probably even size down.

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You can just literally wear this like this is such a Pinterest like I just love this coat you know. It is absolutely amazing and I love the way that it feels on it just feels like a big warm hug and I love hugs so um this is such a cute coats love.

Pearland girls number for chat

This absolutely adorable pink shade underneath and you can literally rock this with anything um for yes, this is the number that I was so pumped to show you guys because this is our first winter coat of the year and if you need a coat for pearland winter, I know I need a coat for the winter because all I really cbat is like little tiny sweaters and I mean I'm kind of a baby when it gets cold because I grew up in the south so anyways but.

She's like okay. I absolutely love it so if you are or if you chat anyone who is needing a coat or who you think like, Oh, hey, my girl would love this share this video and tag them in it.


It is the weekend Y'all time to live it up. Happy song for Friday. Coming up, that's going to be amazing so all the queens are absolutely gorgeous and again.

Pearland girls number for chat

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