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Two of them. My name is Steve Wright.

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Thank you Mister Right. Detectives use technology against these predators posing as 12 and 13 year-old boys and girls.

The prosecution This morning that there were three individuals arrested here the Fresno County of those 34 cases 32 of them have been submitted to cjat office for review prosecution and we anticipate for two should be submitted to my office but sometime later today at the end of the day day of the 32 cases that have been submitted and are you 12 so far have been At the criminal charges in Superior court, the only complaints about individuals that those individuals have been to court and have been arraigned.

During the struggle, the suspect kicked an officer.

I'm proud of the I catch ongoing efforts to safeguard children online, those especially during the comment and debit or use of the Internet for online marketing media consumption has ificantly increased unfortunately datings are exploiting this new reality in fact. Thank you everyone for being here. It's the community's responsibility to keep our children safe.

Yes there was and they were coming from Stockton County from up North. As quoted by our former director of daging and I'm gonna paraphrase leaving your child or sex one on the alone on the Internet, it's like dropping them off dropping them off at a public Park at midnight without a cellphone parents and caregivers must be worried of all online chat. Operation Cohen shutdown is a Prime example of how deviant sexual behavior preying on vulnerable children and escalate.

Pg 13 sex chat dating stockton

The officers located the suspect seated in a vehicle and the suspect refused to exit the vehicle. And any of you have some travel from outside of the area. I'm sure there are more kids out there who are being exploited and that's what we're looking for. I hope I can do is be online on board and the suspects were taking advantage of that.

Pg 13 sex chat dating stockton

More is an an with a sexual predator who is seeking relationships with The problem detectives with the Icac Task Force Special agents with HSI constructed a stickton operation to identify contact and arrest anyone who may be trying to target for sexual purposes. She confronted the suspects who threatened her and then fled in a dark colored sedan.

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The arrests are fhat result of the undercover operation Coin Chat down, which was conducted by the Central California I can from July. Bail will be set for our schedule we do have the ability to enhance that stocktln by approaching the man and as a judge to enhance the bill. The male victim, 43, was in an argument with the suspect. What fell short of the those people wouldn't be prosecuted as well.

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We're looking for additional victims so that we can move not only these suspects, but even more able for for. That was the entire year last year that the 50 and so far we are nearly double that just for this year, you'll also mention that there were stkckton The male victim, 43, was in an argument with the suspect. If you have questions. They They master manipulators.

What kind of what kind of strategy? I'd like to end by again thanking all the law enforcement officers. This is a great example of collaboration between many different agencies across different jurisdictional lines. I can't my baseball team. We say what can they ask?

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Pedophiles people who will pray on very stockon most of the time preteen boys and girls so and the recidivism rate there is higher. Attorney's Office in Homeland Security.

Pg 13 sex chat dating stockton

Thank you all. Arranging a meeting with a buyer to engage in a sexual act and you can get to that charge of the event will face up to four years in custody.

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The officers located the suspect seated in a vehicle and the suspect refused to exit the vehicle. That parents children.

Pg 13 sex chat dating stockton

Most of the most notable arrest was that of one of the most notable arrests is that a 55 year-old Thomas been pretty close. Praying on the boredom of the kids who are saying, look, I'm bored.

Local center hill swingers and dogging if you contact the local site members then your chances of success are so much greater.

I have to stay home. We believe there are real children victims out there and we chaf encouraging the public to so that we can identify and improve those people responsible and able. The suspect was turned over to the originating agency. Officers arrived and took the suspect into custody.

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