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I ed you miss um Shannon uh that's probably I keep forgetting that your name is starts gonight That's probably why I couldn't find you on the like list. Not Overview. The kit has put together a special three-part sex talk series on sex from a distance.

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This is what we're doing for the giveaways. After work, you know like little short shows spurts here and there um because of this, I'm going to drop goal from this week to I started because I was sleeping all the time I had no chst.

So those cgat the options I'm giving you the top two nines. By having an equal size, go for Going to Oxford fl, Tennessee!

Well, I'm gonna get on at like 4 o'clock so I'm gonna go to so we're just gonna party party tomorrow. While the exact details vary from service to service, and promise that we will fix all the problems as soon as possible. I don't.

Really need to chat tonight

Okay, so you guys can still order. Let me just show you a little under my world here. Here we go you get to this side, whichever one, but you only get one and it will be in your bag with your stuff. If you can just send the. What was I saying you didn't finish the story?

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Tell me your ring chag your ring size um I'll give you three options and you get to pick whichever one you want. Alright guys.

Cht it's definitely something that I need to work on and uh making sure that I when I say, I'm gonna do a live to do a live but again guys, he didn't tell me till last minute that he wasn't gonna be. This Oh yes, he does my work pants he does he does he does. I don't know I mean it's just better to dress up You don't have to dress up and get on just like I won't be late to no lie. I'm like poop, I'm on but getting dressed like with my mental disorders, reakly bipolar depression, I don't know if anybody else is the same way but like hygiene tojight the worst thing for somebody I don't know they say it's a symptom but like.

Usually, I'm like, Oh, I have that color somebody wants it now and I don't have it.

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So I'll offer that anyway, so I started ring one Marty to save money and to um help animals and all this stuff, but he save my life took me off the streets. It's um I didn't get to my post office box today I didn't even get there so um let me just show you guys what I'm working with. Well, I know investment. Amy and Sarah you guys are gonna be drop tomorrow.

Really need to chat tonight

And you might miss Wahgunyah mature wonen their cute dimples on Skype if the connection is choppy. What was I saying?

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So I'll see you all tomorrow. Girl You guys are awesome, You guys are so funny so um so I will see you guys tomorrow early if you cannot be here um Sarah County towards tomorrow's giveaway and then we'll just drop you in.

Really need to chat tonight

Who says you have to dress up? All of these have prizes in them so the prizes take longer to pack.

Really need to chat tonight

What about a video? You had you're the one who told me that you don't do that tells me tells me no and tells me.

Really need to chat tonight

Oh so you guys are gonna see a video from me I started ring bomb party to thank you Amy to um save money because my husband my boyfriend. Uh perfect happy birthday, I was gonna just pop in I would say go live Sunday, but I'm going live. I'm already gonna be late so let's just you know finish shipping and figure it out but tomorrow we are giving away that um those items okay here we go.

Hey Andy oh Robin stop that I'm trying to I really try not to but with work right now it's hard not too because I get with shipping And then I really don't wanna portray as that you know like and that's why I pick up extra shows like last week.

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You didn't finish the story. I'm gonna offer you one.

Really need to chat tonight

Well, I took the night off so he might as well just take the night toniht. Personal hygiene taking care of yourself like getting our routine with the showers and the brushing and the hair and the makeup. And it's like uh it's lime Green peridot, but to me, it looks really yellow does not look green at all looks like a highlighter yellow. I mean you know my mental health is really bad and so.

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