Revision of Pension of Autonomous body Pensioners – Finance Ministry Clarification


Regarding Revision of Pension of Autonomous body Pensioners , Finance Ministry has clarified as follows —

Central Government does not issue any instructions regarding implementation of recommendations of the Central Pay Commission PERTAINING TO PENSION IN RESPECT OF EMPLOYEES OF AUTONOMOUS BODIES. In view of this , NO ORDERS REGARDING IMPLEMENTATION OF RECOMMENDATIONS OF 7th CPC IN RESPECT OF EMPLOYEES OF AUTONOMOUS BODIES IN THE MATTER OF PENSION ARE TO BE ISSUED BY FINANCE MINISTRY. The appropriate decision is to be taken by the concerned Autonomous Body in consultation with the concerned Administrative Ministry in keeping with the practice on the previous occasions and also in the light of the Rules and Regulations/Bye-laws governing the service conditions of respective Autonomous Bodies.

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  1. It seems CSIR has not issued any orders regarding revision of Pension as per 7th CPC in respect of its pensioners. When can be expected? Enough waiting. After all dearness is for CSIR pensioners also.

  2. Why icar not issued the da and seventh pay order for the pensioners.this is first time delayed from the icar to the pensioners

  3. DST hasn’t issued any notice about 7th cpc. What happened?
    Therefore, no question about ” nowhere the pensioners” Keep quiet.

  4. We are pensioners of Export Inspection Council/Agency under Ministry of Commerce established under the Act of Parliament as far back as in 1964. Hitherto as and when Government declared pay/pension revision as per Pay Commission recommendation simultaneously the same was made applicable for this organisation as per the notified service rules. This organisation is financially self-sufficient and hence the concerned Ministry is required to just issue a formal approval as in previous cases. Since the Ministry is nodal controlling body of this organisation we urge upon the Hon’ble Minister for kind intervention for the reason that the authority concerned extended the benefit to regular employees barring the pensioners. How in this hard days the poor pension would meet both ends of their lives?

    1. Pensioners of EIC/EIA are governed by the Export Inspection Council Pension and General Provident Rules, 1981 which clearly states that the benefit of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 1972 as amended from time to time be extended to the employees of EIC and EIAs. This Rule was notified by the Ministry of Commerce under S.O. 2922 dated 24.10.1981. Hence EIC/EIA pensioners should be eligible for 7th CPC benefits automatically without further approvals.

      1. If this being the case , why the benefits are not extended to the Pensioners of EIC/EIA ? The order by the Dept of commerce on non extension of benefits to pensioners of ABs of Commerce ministry did not point out any reason for such denial . This is all the more baffling. We have to collectively take up the matter to appropriate levels to rectify the anomaly ASAP.

  5. Sir.
    Still there is no order from MHRD about DAsince 1/07/2016 and 1/01/2017 . We r feeling very bad

  6. ICAR brought green revolution, blue revolution long back and the persons worked on it to attain self sufficiency to the nation on account of food security are at their prime of life and now are infirm and counting their remaining days are made to suffer by this government is a very very sad state of affairs.

  7. Sir,The ICAR pensioners are suffering for not implementing 7th pay commission recommendations and also deprived of by payment of revised da wef 1.7.16 onwards.. In the past when Congress govt are in power, there was no such discriminaations with the pensioners of autonomous bodies.The use to implement the decisions of earlier pay commission immediately to autonomous bodies staff vand the present govt is making pretends to give benefits to autonomous bodies staff and pensioners.this govt is making discriminations with the autonomous bodies staff and pensioners.

  8. It was our blunder mistake to brought BJP in power. It had never happened that pensioners of autonomous bodies did not get D.A. since July 2017. Let it be, only two years to go, BJP will not repeat again, may be out for ever.

  9. The employees/ pensioners of the central autonomous organisations may consider not to vote for BJP and its friendly parties in future elections. Let us not commit a mistake again.

  10. yes next vote for bjp not given by thwe autonmeous body employees as the last 40 years no govt stop the revision of pay of pension of c g undertaking the first time in the histroy of the india b j p govt stopp the pension not revise as per 7yth pay

  11. This govt could only do to deny D.a./pension to pensions of autonomous bodies. Except this nothing changed e.g. one has to pay bribe in every walk of life, yet FM/PM speaks of honesty. Horses mouth. Number of days are left for BJP. Countdown has started.

  12. At the time declaration/issue of orders of 7th CPC by the Commission or by the Govt, there was no such words used “except for Central Autonomous Body pensioners” and hence there was no reason behind to implement the 5th & 6th CPC along with all central & ICAR employees and pensioners. Now it is very surprised to see what reasons is behind not to implement the 7th CPC for the pensioners only of ICAR autonomous body. In fact PM wanted to uplift the economic condition of poor pensioners of Central. Perhaps it is the time came to know from the PM of our country whether his thoughts was except for pensioners of autonomous body ? Who bell the cat? I respect Finance Minister but what makes him to keep quite on this issue.

  13. What a pitty !at least DA should be sanctioned as all essential commodities price have raised due to implemention of GST how the low paid pensioners will servive no mercy so far from the conceded we .can only pray god

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