Revision of Pension and grant of DR to the pensioners of Autonomous Bodies

Revision of Pension and grant of DR to the pensioners of Autonomous Bodies

1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi- 110001

Ref: Confdn/Pen/2016-19

Dated – 19.12.2016


The Secretary
Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare
Government of India
Sardar Patel Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110001

Sub :- Revision of Pension and grant of Dearness Relief to the pensioners of Statutory/Autonomous Bodies.

The Government of India – vide the resolution dated 4th August 2016, accepted the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission on pensionery benefits and have granted the benefits of revised pension with retrospective effect from 01.01.2016 to all the Central Government Pensioners. Accordingly, in terms of OM dated 04.08.2016, Central Government pensioners have been paid arrears of pension due to them on 31.08.2016 along with their revised pension for the month of August 2016. Recently they have been granted the Dearness Relief with effect from 01.07.2016. Similarly, the employees of Autonomous Bodies have been granted Dearness Allowance with effect from 01.07.2016 based on the orders issued by the Finance Ministry.

It has been brought to our notice by the pensioners/family pensioners of Statutory/Autonomous Bodies that they have neither been granted revised pension in terms of 7th CPC orders contained in OM dated 04.08.2016 nor the Dearness Relief, though the Central Government pensioners have already got their revised pension and dearness relief. We wish to bring to your kind information that, hither to, pensioners/family pensioners of Statutory/Autonomous Bodies were getting revised pension as per the CPCs recommendations, as and when accepted by the Government, and Dearness Relief, as and when sanctioned, simultaneously along with the Central Government pensioners. This time, unfortunately, both these revised pension, in term of 7th CPC orders, and Dearness Relief have not been sanctioned to the pensioners of autonomous/statutory bodies. We fail to understand why such discrimination is meted out in respect of pensioners of Autonomous/Statutory Bodies.

We also wish to bring to your kind information that, immediately on issue of orders by the Finance Ministry granting Dearness Allowance to the staff of Central Government/Autonomous Bodies, the Department of pension was issuing orders granting Dearness Relief to pensioners of Central Government and Autonomous Bodes. While the DOPT has already issued the orders granting Dearness Relief to the pensioners of Central Government w.e.f. 01.07.2016, similar orders have not been issued in respect of pensioners of Autonomous/Statutory Bodes.

While the pensioners/family pensioners of Statutory/Autonomous Bodes, most of whom are in the evening of their lives yearning for betterment of their finances for a peaceful retired life, have been disappointed/frustrated, on the one hand, by the inordinate delay in the extension of 7th CPC orders to them, they have been further disappointed by the Government in not granting the Dearness Relief due to them with effect from 01.07.2016.

We, therefore, request you to issue the orders granting the 7th CPC benefits as also Dearness Relief due to the pensioners of Autonomous/Statutory Bodies, without any further delay, thereby facilitating the pensioners to lead their retired life, peacefully.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General

Source : Conferderation

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    1. Successful three years of BJP government in the Centre – No DA since July 2016, 7th CPC benefits are not implemented for pensioners of 450 odd Autonomous bodies under the Central Government – Never happened in the history of independent India.

    2. Promotion after 24 years of contineous service in aided institute have not been given benefit if batural promotion by DTE,Mumbai why.

  1. Sir, are you considering release of dr orders for eagerly waiting aged pensioners of autonomos institutions. Kindly do the needful

  2. Is there any movement of release of dr sanction orders from the period
    From first July 2016 in case of pensioners of autonomos bodies? Whether is the issue under consideration. We request the authorities kindly take note of our anxiety

  3. Denial of benefits of 7th CPC to employees and pensioners of autonomous organizations is unreasonable and frustrating. The government should immediately issue necessary orders for extending the 7th pay commission recommendations to autonomous organization.

  4. I endorse the facts given by Sh. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation to the Secretary , GOI.
    As a pensioner of Autonomous bodies and one of the senior citizens of India, I condemn the attitude of this Government.
    All pensioners of Autonomous bodies throughout India should bring this anomaly in the knowledge of Finance and Prime Minister of India by writing individual letters. Such black days are never faced throughout my service of about 40 years.

    1. I too endorse the views of Sri Krishnan. For autinomous bodies working employees pay revision only has been sanctioned. The pensioners have been left out. Tbe Modi Govt should not humiliate senior citizens like this.
      Dr Venkatesan

  5. awaiting orders on 7% Dr for pensioners w.e.f.01.07.2016 and orders on implementation of 7th cpc to central autonomous pensioners

  6. It is rather unfortunate that the pensioners of Autonomous institutes are ignored by authorities in granting DR relief which was granted to others. We have served long years and put our efforts in building this nation but now we are ignored and nobody is there to listen to our grievances.

  7. The government is not listening to the pleas of pensioners of autonomous bodies to issue of orders to release the pensionary benefits if 7 cpc. We are waiting and nothing can be done by us and pray for good sense of the government for issue of orders without further delay.

  8. Low grade Pensioners of autonomous research organizations retired after more than 3 decades of working, they get very meagre amount of of pensionary benefits; and after their retirement they even have to sustain their families consisting of age old parents, unemployed sons and unmarried daughter.
    In our democracy since they are not politically empowered, hence they can be under the mercy of bureaucratic decisions and political divisions between NDA & UPA.
    A sum of increased DA, how much give relief to poor pensioners will never be understood by Government-in-Power till this long serving Sr. citizen meet the death of silence.
    The flowers of talks doling to the honest people and a the same time cutting their throats by sharp pointed ice blade of economic jugglery is lot of this poor pensioners.
    No one rather than DIVINE can save them.

  9. really it is quite painful to know the plight of the pensioners of autonomous bodies who have rendered prime time of their life for the sake of their respective organizations. The Govt. should take immediate steps to correct this anomaly to give relief to millions of pensioners of autonomous bodies.

  10. 1. It is unfortunate that beurocratic set up of GOI is indecisive of granting pension benefits to pensioners of autonomous organisations from 01/01/2016 and DA arrears from 01/07/2016. No one knows, why and how it is held up?

    2. Agriculture is a State subject. However, ICAR is a Central organisation responsible for Agricultural Research and Education in the country. It has been provided autonomy for carry out All-India multi-locational joint research efforts for adaptable technologies for different regions and varying situations. The ICAR is providing Central grant to the extent of 80% to 63 State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) , parallel to UGC, in the country. Under the circumstances, we fail to understand as to how ICAR is being considered ‘autonomous organisation’.

    3. In 1975 the GOI accorded Status of all-India ‘Agricultural Research Service’ (ARS) for providing continuous career advancement to its Scientists unintrupted.

    4. It is painful that present GOI set up has over looked, both central government support as well as contributions of ICAR scientific cadre over decades and making them pray Almighty for subsistence in their senior citizen age.

  11. I think that the order for increase of DA/DR for regular employees and for pensioners under central autonomous body should be released at a time. Not only this but also the issue of Pay revision order should also be released in a single order. Because the same autonomous organisation will pay the salary/pension to the employees and pensioners/family pensioners.

    In order to avoid any inconvenience such order should be released by the central government at a time.

    So, I would request the Government of India to think my views minurately so that the pensioners can not suffer any more.

    You see that now the pensioners of autonomous organizations are staring for further issuance of separate order with respect to DR and 7th CPC Revision of pension but regular employee are about to enjoy. It seems to me that as if we had no contribution to the organization where we were associated.

    I am really shocked and ashamed for this circumstance where we have arrived.

    So, our retirement should never take place. We should not be senior citizen. When we joined in our organization. We knew that after retirement we will get retirement facility like pension, increase of DR and revision of pension but today we feel in-secured.

  12. I am really thankful to Mr Krishnan, Secretary General Confederation, for his contribution enlightening the Government of its lapses. It seems that it is purposeful not to release the amounts due to pensioners of Autonomous Bodies as the in service employees of Autonomous Bodies has given the pay rise but arrears are pending but for us pensioners nothing. At least the DA due and arrears @ 6th CPC rates could have been released for the pensioners which is routine but held up. The might of the Government is put on the weak and voiceless. God knows how long we have to wait, as Government is leisurely doing the assessment of autonomous organizations.

  13. The pensioner’s are facing very hardships due to non realese of benefits of 7th pay commission for the retired pensioners of autonomous body. Why it is So are they not the citizens of India.

  14. महोदय भारत सरकार के कर्मचारिओ का 01.01.2017 का 2 प्रतिषत मंहगाई भत्ते की घोषणा हो चुकी है परन्तु Central Government and Central Autonomous Bodies pensioners/ family pensioners के जुलाई 2016 से बढें 7 प्रतिषत मंहगाई भत्ते का ही आदेष अभी तक जारी नहीं किया गया है ।

  15. Krishnanji when will get Dr and 7th pay for automonus body pensioners.we have left hope on u.since govt.not taking any action regading pensioners of autonomus body.

  16. Being an X-employee of autonomous organisation like CSIR , whether will get their dues like D.R due from 1-7-2016 and yet another D.R due also declared by government .But no indication.More over there is no indication for implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendation in autonomous organisation.

  17. Mr Krishnan deserves congratulations for taking up the cause of central autonomous pensioners. Central government has since issued orders for releasing another installment of DA to its employees from 1.1.2017 and its autonomous body employees also
    would eventually be granted this. But what about the poor pensioners: we are waiting for DR from 1.7.2016 and 1.1.2017 has also become due. DA and DR orders used to be issued simultaneously.

  18. ICAR an autonomous body’s Institute wrote a letter to the ministry of finance, Department of expenditure for clarifying regarding revised pension and dr due of 01/07/2016 to the ICAR pensioners

  19. The effect of the demonetization is not yet over and under the circumstances, Government is targeting soft Target so that currency demand is minimised. Many of the pensioners would breathe their last waiting to get the dues. This could be the reason to holding the dues unendingly.

  20. Tarun Kumar Bhadra
    Pensioner, RRRLF, Kolkata

    I just wonder why all of you are hanging on Dearness relief order by Finance Ministry. In the past they never issued any order for the Dearness Relief for the Pensioner of Autonomous Bodies.

  21. Ministry of personal, public Grievances and pensions has been issued one office memorandum to revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc. vide office order no.38/37/2016-p&PW(A)(in) dated 04/08/2016.

    Separate order will not issued for the autonomous body Pensioner
    Every individual autonomous organization is only issue the separate order on the basis of above said order without delay for their autonomous Pensioner
    Why the autonomous organization is playing with pensioners of sr. citizens

    1. The above order dated 4-8-2016 doesn’t mention anything about the pensioners of the Autonomous bodies in the absence of which decisions can not be taken by the Autonomous bodies.It is required that a clear mention be made in the orders regarding Autonomous bodies so that there will be no ambiguity to implement to the Autonomous bodies.Only our Krishna hi can do this.Otherwise we have to suffer like this .

  22. Central Government and Central Autonomous Bodies के pensioners/ family pensioners को 1 जुलाई 2016 से बढे महगाई भत्ते का, न ही सांतवें वेतन आयोग का सम्बन्धित मंत्रालय से आज तक भी आदेश जारी नहीं किया गया । किया आप हमारी मदद कर सकते है । सम्बन्धित मंत्रालय से आदेश जारी करा सकते है धन्यवाद हरि ॐ

  23. It is very unfortunate and surprising also that that Fin Min has issued 7 cpc implementation to regular staff and ignored the pensioners. It ha never happened in the history.
    It is very demoralising.

  24. Why the ministry is to issuing the 7th pay orders to the autonomous bodies pensioners


  25. We don’t know who is to issue the orders- GOI or autonomous bodies for implementation of 7thcpc and D.R. to pensioners ? But unfortunately we the pensioners of automomous bodies are suffering.

  26. Sir, I have retired from service on 30.11.2016 from a premier research institute, which is under Dept. of Science and Technology. The last salary I was paid was calculated DA @ 132%. However, when pension received for the month of December 2016, DR was calculated @125%. Since my joining the service I have seen 5 pay commissions and never had such a difficult situation we face now. Earlier also we had ministers, bureaucrats and officers who took appropriate and apt decisions, treated employees of autonomous bodies alike. Now it is unknown to many lakhs of Pensioners of autonomous bodies the reason for the untouchability adopted by the authorities to us. Kindly be empathetic and see that anguished minds be filled with cheer and proud by releasing the appropriate order without further delay. Authorities are requested to do the needful at the earliest. Thanking you….Valsan

  27. Neither GOI nor Autonomous Bodies have issued any orders for implementation of 7th CPC and payment of D.R. with effect from 1.7.2016 & 1.1.2017 to Pensioners of Autonomous bodies. It is really very unfortunate.

  28. The Association is requested to send a reminder to their letter dated 19.12.2016 to GOI, DoPPW, as no action is taken by them in last 4 months.

  29. If any associations/unions is there for our autonomous bodies pensioners to fight the above such cases? If so what is the position for implement the 7th CPC pension for the autonomous body pensioners. Why the government and autonomous body organization are silent in implement the 7th CPC pension.we are the autonomous body pensioners not known how to deal this cases and where we go to solve this problems. We are all aged and become very tension in mentally and healthylly. What can we do.we are not known

  30. It is unfortunate that Govt. of India have not so far implemented 7 cpc to the pensioners of autonomous bodies. What is the reason? To whom we approach for implementation of 7 cpc to the pensioners of autonomous bodies.

  31. Kindly attention all the autonomous bodies pensioners!
    A clarification received from Shri M.Krishnan, Genaral Secretary,Confideration of central government employees and workers, New Delhi regarding revision of 7th CPC pension and DR dues for autonomous bodies pensioners as stated below
    “Finance Ministry has made it clear that it will not issue any orders for Revision of pension and grant of Dearence relief to autonomous bodies pensioners.
    Earlier during 5thcpc and 6th CPC also Finance Ministry has not issued any separate orders for autonomous bodies pensioners.
    Government has already issued orders revising the pension of Central Government Pensioner and now it is UP TO THE AUTONOMOUS BODIES HAND to issue orders for revision of pension of autonomous bodies pensioners in consultation with their Ministries.
    Regarding Dearence relief also the same procedure is followed=”

    So all the autonomous bodies pensioners are requested to write /approach your own Autonomous bodies to issue necessary orders for revision of pension and grant of DR dues 01/07/2016 and 01/01/2017

  32. Finance Ministry, which had previously specifically withheld the implementation of 7th CPC to Autonomous Bodies for some reason, should now clarify directly to the Autonomous Bodies for implementation of 7th CPC to Pensioners also along-with their regular employees. Such clarification to Pensioner’s Associations has no meaning.

  33. That the orders of 7th Pay Commission applicable from 1st January, 2016 has not been issued for Autonomous Bodies viz. UGC etc. by MHRD till now. It is a great discrimination with the Employees / Pensioners of Autonomous Bodies like UGC etc. by MHRD and Violation of Article 14 (Law of Equalities) of the Constitution of India.

    That the staff of Ministries delay the orders of Other Organizations (viz. Autonomous Bodies, Undertakings and Councils etc.) for the reasons best known to them which needs investigation in the matter.

  34. I endorse the view of Shri VB Arora. More than one year has passed since the implementation of the 7th Pay commission. Central govt employees have got their revised pay and DA. Autonomous body employees have at least got their hiked DA . A studied silence is being maintained reg the Revised pay & DA of pensioners . This has not happened during earlier Pay commissions. Direct clarifications/ instructions should be given to the ministry under which these autonomous bodies are running.Since we have opted for GPF scheme why should we suffer due to this prolonged delay?

  35. The ministry of finance department issued the D A order to the autonomous bodies of central government. Like that the D R order also should be issue by the ministry of finance only, and not by the Autonomous body which is mention in the clarification of ministry of finance, So we request the government to take necessary action and release the D R order to the pensioners of autonomous body

  36. I am over 75 years old and unable to cope up with spiraling rise of living cost with poor amount of pension and more so when the interest earning of life savings from Bank has reduced considerably. In fact unlike previous practice of simultaneous issuance of order of revised pension for both Govt employees as well as the autonomous/statutory organisations this time only we the pensioners of autonomous/statutory organisation have been left out without any cogent reason. Is it the policy of present Government when our dynamic leader Hon’ble Prime Minister says SABKA SATH SAB KA BIKAS ? I urge upon the Confederation to bring this glaring discrimination to the notice of Prime Minister for justice as I feel his intervention is imperative.

    1. I would like to endorse the views of Mr. Malay Banerjee and in addition I would request Krishanan ji to bring the issue to the notice of our honorable Prime minister . He is a sensible person and he would realize the hardship facing by the pensioners of autonomous bodies.

  37. I am getting only 1490 per month after servicing in a private company and now my age is 68 years. Govt will think something for people like me.

  38. Sabyasachi Banerjee says
    25th April,2017
    If this is the intention of the present Govt. To break the unity then our Hon’ble Finance Minister has done successfully by not granting 7th CPC for the employees /pensioners of Autonomous Organisation even he breaks the harmony between regular employees and pensioners of Autonomous Organisation by granting DA to the regular employees but not granting DR to the pensioners which is happened 1st time after Independence. Obviously this is shameful for the Govt.
    Hence I humble request to Hon’ble Finance Minister to kindly issue a appropriate order in favour of the employees /pensioners of Autonomous Organisation to implement 7th CPC immediately as they have been already suffered for 16 months in the hard market.

  39. Still frustrated and leading a pathetic life as a pensioner of autonomous body. Will you think for us for a moment.

  40. Even some of the State Govts. have implemented 7th CPC and payment of D.A./D.R. for their Employees and Pensioners. We, the Pensioners of Autonomous Bodies, had so far been thinking of having same status as of Central Govt. Pensioners. But now we have been put down even below the State Govt. Pensioners. What a pity. It is really very unfortunate.

  41. Apart from having the same issue, i am facing another critical issue.
    Since the past few months the normal pension amount (that has remained unchanged since May 2016) is not credited on time. It is delayed by more than few days. Every time i need to follow-up with the bank branch. The Branch manager informed that the pension is credited only when the autonomous body releases fund for the month. If the Autonomous body delays the release of funds, the pension disbursement is delayed.

    Are others also facing the same issue ?

    1. Yes.Cppc Chennai delayed the pension every month after implemented the 7th CPC.I get pension on 7th,April for march pension and 5th,may,for april pension.But our department said that,they were despached cheque of pension in time.I dont know where is delay

  42. As per the CSIR order no:5-1(428)/2017-PD,Dated 11/05/2017 the respected DG,CSIR has approved the 7th,cpc revised pension implementation orders issued by pension welfare department orders no:38/37/2016-p&pw(A)(i),dated 04/08/2016 and 38/37//2016-p&pw(A)(ii) dated 04/08/2016 and dr orders of 01/07/2016 and 01/01/2017 for CSIR pensioners.kindly sea the csir web page

  43. CSIR is an Autonomous bodies, when their D.G. can give order for revision of pay scales according 7th P.C. then I could not understand why our honorable D.G. is not doing for the benefits of the ICAR Pensioners? His action in this regards highly solicited. Hope our honorable DG will do some thing for the fellow pensioners to save them from agony.

  44. Even june 2017 has come.No pensionfor scientists/engineers.Goverence failed.Ministers and burecrats are looking these people impotants.
    The pay commission things arenot thatdifficult.The members who worked are casual workers with brainless creatures.The govt wants or pm wants votes from intellutuals. if youpromise them they will release orders?^) years paycommission rules areviolated keeping Judges payment,Ministrial payments, state MLAS payments are paid ritually.
    The association in future should cling to annual incraments in par with who,world Bank,UN, top ranked companies.The association should be active.In my period i made dent,The net result SWA is abolished.Tell pm we are not shephards or Dignified clerks,Indian ass service people. We work on miracles.Innovations,new concepts,Nuclear missiles? AS long this type of poticians,goverence there, we cannot invent things to eradicate poverty which people want us to be poor always with slogans Garib hatoo?IF pensions are paid, is it FM’sproperty.WE all take pledge we donot vote any parties as these parties are anti employees.anti people,Headless creatures.I remind the intelluctual rapists we are standing in 149th position in development.Bangladesh,Ghana,for ahead.Lodhi international guest house is full of Policy consultants,Technical incubaators,24 hrs Drinks overflowing their stomachs.See assemblies,where fighting throats,robberies as ministers .

  45. Now dgcsir clearly said csir is under severe finaabcial crunch so that csir may not
    Impliment 7th pc to its pensioners. So all the csir poor pensioners please leave all
    Hopes .

  46. Still CSIR has not implemented the 7th pay recommendations to their pensioners.
    Even no DA has been paid since .1.16 at all.!!!!!!!!!

  47. Sir, Please look at us and do something for the poor pensioners of ICAR autonomous body. Perhaps employees IJSC/Powerful officers are not showing any interest and forgotten their retired seniors as they themselves fed up well and why to bother for old hagglers

  48. SIR:
    Is there any hope of relief for the poor pensioners of DST funded Institutes now. They are dying in this hard world after giving long faithful service in a prestigious Institute of DST. Waiting till the last breadth coming very soon. DST has totally forgotten the pensioners.

  49. Dear Mr.Krishnan,
    Thank you for your effective letter of VII th C P C recommendation orders for Autonomous bodies.But so for no action from the MHRD ministry for NIIT,s. Kindly look at this unfortunate position..Most employees who are at the age of 80 and above are suffering al lot. for the benefits. will you kindly look at this and do the positve steps. for immediate implementation..
    thanking you

  50. Sir,
    Still National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development (NIPCCD) an autonomous body under Ministry of Women and Child Development has not implemented the 7th pay commission recommendation o their Pensioners and EVEN no DR has been paid since January-2016 at all……
    NIPCCD has revised the pay of its working employees as per 7th pay commission w.e.f. 1.1.2016.
    Respected Modi ji may kindly look into the anomoly adopted by the NIPCCD.

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