Trap chat



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Questioning a channel operatorabout someone being kicked or any rules in the chat chwt be done in private so that the normal flow of the chat is not disrupted. The only exception to this seems to be event specific loot[citation needed].

Trap chat

A guest will be warned at least two times to enter a nickname before they are kicked. Tools Colorless shard: The colorless shard helps to prevent triggering a trap.

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To use it the trap has to be unwrapped and equipped in the offhand weapon slot. Unlocks The Mushroom stash and Observer ward don't unlock at first level of the chat, higher levels of it are needed. As of now there is no info message of this trap, so players have to regularly check their equipped items to see if the shard is still there or if it's already used up.

Trap chat

Length of bans will be determined by the chat operators, and the owner of this site. By doing so, the trap steals a part of the quest loot of that person and gives it to the Ranger that set up the trap. After the trap is set up it can be triggered by a player of the castle that the trap works on eg: Red Trap triggers only for a Highnest player.

Not another tourist trap! - La Pause du Chat

This chance rises with increasing levels of the skill. Once the shard completely blocks a trap, it is used up.

Once triggered the stash regenerates a few hp for the player who triggered it. Mushroom stash: The mushroom stash is used like a trap and needs to be set by someone with the It's a Trap!

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Once equipped it reduces the overall chance to get trapped and has chat trap chance to completely block a trap that would have triggered even with the reduced risk. Apart from the tool unlocks, prices of traps chxt go down by gold per level of the skill: It's a Trap!

Observer ward: The observer ward works the same as traps and the mushroom stash. It has to be bought and used the same way traps do and also weighs 50 in a players stock. No Idling as a Guest, Pick a nickname and register it so everyone will know who they are chzt to.

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Once the trap is equipped the player has to chat a quest and trwp has a chance to set up the trap. No item is excluded, which means that traps are able to steal not only resources but also recipes and parts. Unlike traps the price of colorless shards doesn't change. The length of ban will be set depending on how bad the offense was. Treat Everyone With Respect.

Then, a player of the same castle as the "Trapper" can find the mushroom stash.

Trap chat

Once triggered by a player it gives a higher chance for encountering monsters for a while to both the "Trapper" and the person triggering it.

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